Our Process

Explore. Envision. Expand.

While every engagement has its own unique needs, we’ve learned that inspiration works best when coupled with a solid, practical approach.  Each step in our overall process below is tailored to reflect the specific scope and needs of your project.

1. Research

The research phase is critically important to understanding both the needs of your business and your users.  This phase can be as simple or as in-depth as the project requires.  The insights we gather define our creative challenges and solutions in terms of strategy, design, and technology that will help achieve the overall project goals.

2. Design

With a solid plan in place, we then go to work on the design components.  We employ a User Centered Design (UCD) methodology to create the product’s information architecture, navigational elements, and individual page layouts (wireframes).  The wireframes then help guide the creation of visual designs including static and animated elements based on your specific creative objectives.

3. Validate

We firmly believe that user testing makes a difference.  Testing ideas, layouts and designs with your target audience validates the work done and ensures we’re creating the most effective user experience possible.  The testing methods and components utilized in this phase are largely determined by business and user needs.

4. Develop

The development phase is the project’s culmination where design and technology come together to form the final product.  During this phase, the product’s code is developed and content published.  Plans for delivery and/or launch are coordinated once all aspects have been thoroughly tested for quality assurance.

5. Iterate

In today’s interactive environment, web properties evolve as audience and business needs change.  We leverage all the knowledge we’ve gained throughout the process in ongoing support of the product.  New features and functionality can be introduced over time, utilizing this same overall process.