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Study Sample Size

We are often asked about sample size when we talk about usability testing. Skeptics find it difficult to believe that we can achieve so much by talking with so few. Here’s our stance on usability sample sizes. Lots of work has been done to determine the appropriate number of respondents required to gather usability test results. Nielsen Norman Group has talked about this for years and stands by their suggestion that 85% of critical usability issues can be uncovered by testing as few as 5 respondents. We have found this to be true in study after study. There are a … Continue reading


Not sure how many people can say that they love their job, but I truly love what I do – helping to uncover the ways people interact with products and suggesting how to make things easier to use. As a researcher who focuses primarily on usability, I am constantly amazed at what I learn from respondents.  At the start of each project, I spend time reviewing the stimulus (e.g., website, app, device, etc.) to become familiar with it and to develop the tasks and discussion guide I will use in the research interviews.  A natural part of that process is … Continue reading


We had the pleasure this week setting up an Augmented Reality (AR) test for children.  While two of our researchers, Michael Brown and Heather Nam have been solving how to achieve our client’s objectives, I have been working on setting up the lab.  We often get asked by independent researchers and our clients how we  prepare technically for all of the various types of studies we encounter.  I thought I would take a break from my typical day to day, and write up how we tackled our latest study from a purely technical perspective. Our Challenge was that this study involved testing hand held … Continue reading

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