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Mediabarn Earthquake Reenactment

Mediabarn’s Lab and office in Arlington, VA survived the earthquake with just a single sprinkler head baffle dropping to the floor.  However, being on the 12th floor here we did rock quite a bit.  So much that when Jason came out of the conference room he saw Larisa and Heather holding on to one of our beautiful concrete columns, having no other plan he also joined in. Below we captured a reenactment of that moment while it was still fresh in our minds.

Your Colors are Safe on the Web

There was a time when the “websafe palette” was valuable. I even had an hour long presentation on the topic. Today, the most modern Adobe products still have the palette checkbox in their webchooser dialogs. Its time for that feature, as well as the palette chooser item in the Save For Web drop down, to be axed.(That feature should have never been there in the first place, since you should never have limited all your colors in your image just to the palette) So designers, if you have not already done so long ago, it is time to stop limiting … Continue reading