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…attending UXPA’s international conference, that is. It wasn’t too long ago when I was writing about how awesome UXPA 2014 in London was going to be…and it was. The presenters, the keynotes, the attendees, and the location were all amazing. This June, UXPA 2015 will be held in San Diego California (Loews Coronado Resort, to be specific) and I could not be more excited. The theme for the conference is “simplicity” and the location we chose is the perfect match for that. Ocean on one side, bay on the other, beautiful outdoor spaces that are great for networking. My co-chair this … Continue reading

As many of you may already know from some of my prior posts and tweets, I am fortunate enough this year to serve as co-chair for the UXPA 2014 International Conference taking place in London. Aside from practicing my British accent, it has been a whirlwind of planning, meeting and working with some of the most talented people in the UX industry. Have you ever been to a conference focused on your industry or field of work? Before I started volunteering with the UXPA conference committee years ago, I always assumed there were “people” who just made these events happen. … Continue reading

Why Join a Professional Association?

I am a busy working mom of 3. I work at a great digital agency with many talented people. I have my team, a variety of clients, and my other gifted colleagues. What I don’t have are 2000 or so other professionals in my industry from around the world that I can network with and learn from; and I certainly don’t have time to travel around to find them. I joined UXPA (formerly UPA) YEARS ago in hopes that it would help me grow as a UX professional and take me out of my office comfort zone. (Note to those … Continue reading

Mediabarn is pleased to announce that our very own Heather Gay will be speaking at the UXPA DC Conference Redux! As our Director of Usability Research, she will be representing Mediabarn in a panel with other local UX’ers. The topic of the presentation is “Ignite – This is why my UX research method rocks!”  Heather will be defending the advantages of Focus Groups against her co-presenters who will cover methods such as structured testing, free-form testing, ethnography, and remote testing.  It’s sure to be a duel to the death (of a methodology); you won’t wanna miss it!  The battle starts … Continue reading

We have some big news to share!  Our very talented and brilliant Director of Internet Strategy and User Experience, Sara Mastro, is co-chairing the 2014 UXPA conference in London, England! The User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA), with its mission of supporting people who research, design, and evaluate the user experience of products and services, is the premier professional association dedicated to the improvement of the user experience.  As such, we at Mediabarn couldn’t be prouder to have Sara co-leading the organization of the Conference. The theme of the conference is, appropriately, “Motivation.”  We say appropriately because we don’t know anyone … Continue reading