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Happy Holidays!

During the Holidays in 2017, Mediabarn set out to uncover the top cookie by having our elves survey nearly 12 million people….Here are our findings!   We hope you have a wonderful holiday, Stay warm, drink cocoa, get out and play.   – Your Friends at Mediabarn  

I Like Blue, My Mom Likes Green.

The title is an actual quote I heard years ago when testing an educational site with 5th graders. This particular user could not get over the fact that the overall color used was green, which she interpreted as a “mom” color, not for kids. What do research and practice have to say about the psychology of colors used on websites?   This question strikes close to home for me, as the science, or lack thereof, behind color-related decision making has been popping up a lot lately for the Mediabarn UX team. In client meetings and presentations the question has been … Continue reading

  Every job has stressful elements that can seem uncontrollable, but one thing that you can control is how often you experience work-related stress and how you manage it by learning stress management techniques.    The following are some simple tips on how to better manage stress in the workplace:   Stay organized: eliminating daily stressors, like clutter, can help you to be able to perform more efficiently. Take a walk at lunch: sometimes getting up from your desk and taking a brief walk outdoors can help to clear your mind and help you to refocus on a project or … Continue reading

Usability Testing for College Start-Ups

College today is a vastly different world than the college life experienced ten, or even five years ago. The exciting thing about college nowadays is that students are fostering a sense of entrepreneurship from the get-go, which leads them to preparing business plans to launch a startup or product immediately post-graduation. Currently, some college students are even launching startups while balancing a full-course load. We think that this amazing, but we want these rising entrepreneurs to remember one important step when considering launching a startup or product, and that step is usability testing.   Designing and developing a product can … Continue reading

Meet Sally Kelley: Mediabarn’s Newest Member

The ‘Barn is growing and would like to introduce the newest addition to our gang, Sally Kelley. Sally joins us as the Director of Client Services and Recruiting for Mediabarn Research with over 12 years of experience in project management and client services, and five years participant recruitment. Having worked at Martin Focus Group Services, as well as founding her own independent market research company, Focosity, LLC, Sally is marching in with an army of recruiters that hold over 24 years of individual experience in the market research industry. With her combined strength and knowledge of research and customer service, as … Continue reading

Keith Deaven and Heather Gay are preparing to speak to Penn State students during Start Up Week, a week-long celebration showcasing entrepreneurs from around the country.  Hosted by Penn State’s College of Information Sciences and Technology, Start Up Week was created to highlight the success of young entrepreneurs and innovators in technology and security, and to showcase the possibilities that exist for enterprising students.  Keith and Heather are honored to be among over two dozen incredible speakers and presenters representing the very best examples of the entrepreneurial spirit, including founders and executives from Weebly, Reddit, Sincerely and Dropbox to name … Continue reading

Mediabarn’s 1st Annual Chili Cook-Off

Yesterday we had our first ever chili cook-off here at Mediabarn and it proved to be a great success! Steven, Keith, Katherine, Nanette, and Mauro all competed for the coveted title of 2012 Chili Cook-Off Champ. Fifty bowls of chili and a bottle of tums later, Steven was declared the winner for his “Roll-Tide Tailgating Chili” and awarded an elegant, yet understated trophy (see below). It was a close race and a lot of fun for the chefs and tasters alike. We look forward to making the chili cook-off a Mediabarn tradition! Take a peek at some pictures from the … Continue reading

Months back when we heard the space shuttle Discovery was going to be doing flyovers in DC, the MB team took action and came up with a plan.  We split up into teams, one in Dulles at the Smithsonian, and the other, well…stayed here at the office in Arlington. Finally today, our months of preparation paid off. Here are some great shots from both locations. Hope you enjoy!      

Happy Holidays from Mediabarn!

It’s Here!  Mediabarn’s Holiday card!  Happy Holidays from all of us at the barn!


Open House was a Blast!

We had a wonderful time seeing all of our friends and family at our open house. Thank you to everyone who was able to attend, we had our biggest turn out yet.   Also thank you to our focus group LIVE participants and of course Madam Mims and Count Dracula. For those who were not able to make this one, we will have another event in 2012.