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Several recruiting trends are altering the way that companies are hiring and the way that job-seekers are applying for positions. Here are some trends that we are noticing in 2016 so far.   In the Digital space, hiring strategies are changing. Employers seem more interested in what value you can immediately bring to the company rather than how much experience you have. This means that employers are more willing to take a chance on someone with substantially less experience.   Since, employers are more interested in what value you can bring, it is important to illustrate your potential as clearly a possible. This … Continue reading

Keeping Up With a Speeding Train

It’s hard enough to keep up with the latest buzzwords, fashion and nutrition trends in your personal life. Add to that keeping your professional online presence and brand fresh and it becomes a full time job. It’s important for your business’s success to stay up to date with new technologies and innovation; but how do you keep your website or mobile app consistently relevant when trends come and go faster than a speeding bullet? There is no magic trick to this, and frankly, it’s almost impossible to stay ahead of the curve on ALL things technology and design. However, there … Continue reading

From focusing on Facebook status updates and tone, to using the right #hashtags and keeping your tweets under 140 characters, managing corporate social media can be challenging. There are many elements to keep in mind when strategizing your next update, but there’s a science to achieving higher engagement! All you need is some good content and proper planning. Consider these facts next time you’re posting something: Twitter: Schedule your tweets around lunchtime. The Twitterverse is especially buzzing Monday through Thursday while you’re grabbing a bite, but once Friday afternoon rolls around, people have checked out for the weekend. Want more engagement? Add an image or … Continue reading

Staffing and Unemployment Trends

You may have noticed that many of your friends and family who are local to the DC area, are back in business and working again. That’s because the local job market is back on track! With unemployment rates continuing to drop across our region, companies are once again looking to staffing agencies for help. We’re currently seeing 2 year lows across the entire Washington metropolitan area – in fact, 21 of the 22 counties in the area/region have lower unemployment rates in March 2014 compared to March 2012. The lowest area happens to be right in our neck of the woods … Continue reading

Think Before You Tweet

It was a combination of an editorial piece by Baratunde Thurston I read in Fast Company and a link a colleague and friend sent me in horror about the best 60 social media tools (how are there that many!) that got me thinking more about a company’s social media presence. I know there is not one “correct” answer, but Thurston makes a great point about how companies and organizations should be focusing more on making quality products and experiences and less on self-promotion and gimmicks on social media sites. The conversation about social media is at almost every product kick-off we have. How … Continue reading

One Trend May Not Fit All

For those of you who enjoy shopping for clothes (or those of you who are forced to by others), you have probably come across the occasional wardrobe item that would be defined as “trendy” or “current.” Sometimes, when you try on this certain piece, it’s clear it was designed for someone with the exact opposite body type, personality or age demographic. Web trends can be just like that at times. When you read about them or see them in action, they look neat, but may not necessarily fit with your user type or business personality. Web design and technology are … Continue reading

Sticky Nav 101

You might have noticed that sticky navigation has become a trend many popular websites are adapting. Not sure what sticky nav is? Well it’s the menu bar or navigation that remains anchored at either the top, bottom, or side of the browser window as the content scrolls beneath the navigation menu. This leads to a more convenient experience that surfers seem to be pleased with. And as a result, the combination of sticky nav and infinite scrolling is now becoming much more common in web designs. Sticky navigation is actually becoming so favored that you can find it being adopted … Continue reading

The 411 on Working from Home

While working from home has its benefits, there may be some difficulties in keeping focused and separating your work life from your home life. It’s important to find a balance between these two and create your own healthy environment. We’ve compiled a list of things that help us remain just as productive from home and hope our insights can serve as a reference for you, too. 1. Have a routine.  Set some adequate working hours. Wake up, shower, make a quick breakfast and get into your business attire. You should even plan on taking a few breaks throughout the day, … Continue reading

#SXSW Wrapping Up

SXSW 2011 wraps up, as expected we had a great time hooking up with some of our vendors, partners and talent. We attended a wide array of discussions and panels ranging from design to leadership to games and entertainment. As in past years, most of the sessions were insightful and passionately presented. We are looking forward to incorporating some of the design methodologies being batted around at the conference. Our experience is that many of these “new” processes are just repackaged traditional approaches. However, we love that so many people are energized around making product development and design process streamlined … Continue reading

A silver lining on the current job market?

I recently came across an article on The Work Buzz that provided some interesting figures on current trends happening in today’s job market. It shows that half of the workers who were laid off in the last three months have already found new jobs! And, more than half were able to either maintain or even make gains with their new salaries! This seems to be in line with what we’re currently seeing here as well, which only reinforces their statistics. This should definitely be great news to the many still out their looking to find their next great thing! Hang … Continue reading