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Keep the Creativity Flowing

  We have all seen beautifully designed websites, cool looking apps and slick ads. When I look at these, I often admire how creative they are and how talented the designer(s) were that did the work. It got me wondering – what do designers do now to constantly maintain a level of enthusiasm, creativity and just sustain an overall energy that allows them to come up with great ideas and fantastic art? Waaaay back, and I do mean a really long time ago, when I was a graphic designer, I would occasionally feel “stuck” while working on a project – … Continue reading

GMU Takes a Tour of the ‘Barn

Last evening, we had the privilege of hosting the GMU Human Factors Students for some refreshments, a tour of our facility, and an engaging discussion about all things User Experience. It was a true pleasure for us to talk to the students about topics ranging from the usefulness of Google Glass, to sharing stories of our awkward college moments! Somehow we even found time to discuss user research methodologies, using discretion in social media when looking for a job, and the overall direction the UX field is taking. The clients we had in the office for a focus group surprised … Continue reading

Making Content Matter

Read this and you’ll become 10% smarter. Ok, that’s probably not true – but at least I have your attention. We hear over and over again in our industry that “people don’t read online anymore, they scan.” I don’t fully believe that. People read when they’re interested and the content is relevant to them. Think about a mother researching what’s causing her child’s cough, a family looking into different universities for their high school student, a person searching for a new car and wanting to learn as much as possible. Your users are online reading, but they are reading the … Continue reading

One Trend May Not Fit All

For those of you who enjoy shopping for clothes (or those of you who are forced to by others), you have probably come across the occasional wardrobe item that would be defined as “trendy” or “current.” Sometimes, when you try on this certain piece, it’s clear it was designed for someone with the exact opposite body type, personality or age demographic. Web trends can be just like that at times. When you read about them or see them in action, they look neat, but may not necessarily fit with your user type or business personality. Web design and technology are … Continue reading

Mediabarn has led the design, development, and collaboration of online educational products and websites since we opened our doors almost 10 years ago. So, naturally when Educational Media Creations Company (founders of the awesome children’s musical group, Silly Bus) decided it was time to bring their music and educational knowledge to the world of educational apps, it was a great fit. We were very excited to kick off a mobile project with Silly Bus! There was so much to consider, such as what age group to target and what games would be educationally compelling. In addition, we wanted to showcase the fun, educational … Continue reading

Another successful launch! The Software & Information Industry Association launched its redesigned web site last week ( Mediabarn was privileged to have partnered with SIIA to help with the user experience, design and development of the site. The project was definitely a team effort, with Mediabarn joining forces with not only SIIA, but Metisc as well, a Joomla! shop in Australia. Loved the early morning status calls! The new is not only more organized with a cleaner design, but also has a dynamic site structure that can easily be expanded on. Just about all of the site is driven … Continue reading

Consumer Guide Automotive is live!

We are so pleased to announce that the redesigned Consumer Guide Automotive site has launched. Mediabarn partnered with HowStuffWorks to help create a new UI and design – it was a really fun project to work on! Check it out here and start car shopping!

Mediabarn launches Uplifting Athletes

Today we are proud to announce that we launched the first phase of Uplifting Athletes’ website. Uplifting Athletes is an organization that aligns college football with rare diseases and raises them as a national priority through outreach, research, education and advocacy.