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Finding Time for Social Media

  With competing client deadlines, meetings and internal projects, we know some days it can be difficult to find time to post to social media. However, we understand how important social media is, which is why we strive to maintain a schedule so we can ensure that our accounts are up-to-date. We know it can be easy to let work take over, which can lead to neglecting social media, but we also know that social media is one of the easiest – and least expensive – ways to engage your customers and market your company.   Social media is an … Continue reading

Several recruiting trends are altering the way that companies are hiring and the way that job-seekers are applying for positions. Here are some trends that we are noticing in 2016 so far.   In the Digital space, hiring strategies are changing. Employers seem more interested in what value you can immediately bring to the company rather than how much experience you have. This means that employers are more willing to take a chance on someone with substantially less experience.   Since, employers are more interested in what value you can bring, it is important to illustrate your potential as clearly a possible. This … Continue reading