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A silver lining on the current job market?

I recently came across an article on The Work Buzz that provided some interesting figures on current trends happening in today’s job market. It shows that half of the workers who were laid off in the last three months have already found new jobs! And, more than half were able to either maintain or even make gains with their new salaries! This seems to be in line with what we’re currently seeing here as well, which only reinforces their statistics. This should definitely be great news to the many still out their looking to find their next great thing! Hang … Continue reading

DC Design Babes Event – June 25th

Mediabarn is a proud sponsor of the upcoming DC Design Babes Event next week! Hope folks can make it downtown for some networking and a good time with friends! Looking forward to seeing everyone! Click here to register!

Get Ready College Grads!

Graduation is drawing near and it’s almost time to get out there in the job market! Let me guess, you’re concerned because the unemployment lines are long and the economy is spiraling out of control, right? Don’t fret, you may actually be positioned to have a better chance in these tough times due to shrinking budgets and clients more willing to take risks in order to get their work done! Although companies in the finance sector (Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch) took a major hit, there are still entry level positions to be had all over. And here’s how. Employers are … Continue reading

8 Tips for a Successful Negotiation

Regardless of whether you’re trying to negotiate through a contract, a fee with a client, or a rate increase, the premise behind my tips are guaranteed to help navigate these sometimes treacherous waters. Since my friends, family and consultants are continuously asking me questions like, “How can I make more money?” or “How do I know I can’t be making more?” in this scenario, I’ll use the example of negotiating a base salary or increase. If you’re already in a job or interviewing for a new one, the following tips should help make your next review or interview an enjoyable … Continue reading