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“How much do you suggest for participant honorarium in your market?”  “We’re on a tight budget for this project and need to make cuts somewhere. What is the minimum we can do for incentives?” “How do you decide how much to pay people to come to these things?” “Why am I being offered less money to come to a focus group than my mother was last year when she did a study at her house?”  We often receive questions from clients regarding the appropriate honorarium amount for research studies in our market, and it isn’t unusual to hear questions from … Continue reading

8 Tips for a Successful Negotiation

Regardless of whether you’re trying to negotiate through a contract, a fee with a client, or a rate increase, the premise behind my tips are guaranteed to help navigate these sometimes treacherous waters. Since my friends, family and consultants are continuously asking me questions like, “How can I make more money?” or “How do I know I can’t be making more?” in this scenario, I’ll use the example of negotiating a base salary or increase. If you’re already in a job or interviewing for a new one, the following tips should help make your next review or interview an enjoyable … Continue reading