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Market Research: Code of Ethics

The spectrum of research topics we see in this industry is broad, covering all of the intricate niches of consumer products that fall in between the bookends. Clients work hard to determine what type of consumer best matches their brand profile, typically based on statistical data collected over time and evaluated prior to conducting research. So, when it comes time to test the market, it only makes sense that the strongest feedback will come from those participants with specifications that match the clients consumer base. Research firms are then given a set of criterion from which to draw against through … Continue reading

7 Tips for Successful Screeners

When it comes to market research, the group of participants taking part are a crucial component to the success of the project. Comprising a faction of high quality, qualified respondents is a process that comes with its own set of challenges, but creating a great group starts with a well built screening questionnaire. Not only does a well written screener aide in the success of the project, but it can also save a lot of time and money on the client end! So, what makes an effective screening questionnaire? There are several points that should be closely reviewed before stamping a draft … Continue reading

“How much do you suggest for participant honorarium in your market?”  “We’re on a tight budget for this project and need to make cuts somewhere. What is the minimum we can do for incentives?” “How do you decide how much to pay people to come to these things?” “Why am I being offered less money to come to a focus group than my mother was last year when she did a study at her house?”  We often receive questions from clients regarding the appropriate honorarium amount for research studies in our market, and it isn’t unusual to hear questions from … Continue reading

Mediabarn tends to do quite a bit of research in our lab. Whether its usability testing for a new website, conducting a focus group on a product, or testing a mobile app prototype, we’ve done it all and have our thoughts on what we like best. We’ve compiled a list of our top 3 reasons why we enjoy research, giving you plenty of reasons to like it as much as we do. 1. They’re fun.  Here at Mediabarn, we make sure to provide a friendly and comfortable environment, which we find creates a nice atmosphere for both our clients and … Continue reading

Mediabarn is pleased to announce that our very own Heather Gay will be speaking at the UXPA DC Conference Redux! As our Director of Usability Research, she will be representing Mediabarn in a panel with other local UX’ers. The topic of the presentation is “Ignite – This is why my UX research method rocks!”  Heather will be defending the advantages of Focus Groups against her co-presenters who will cover methods such as structured testing, free-form testing, ethnography, and remote testing.  It’s sure to be a duel to the death (of a methodology); you won’t wanna miss it!  The battle starts … Continue reading

We are excited to announce that Mediabarn has partnered with FocusVision, the leading focus group streaming service. This allows us to become part of the largest network of remote viewable focus group facilities. In doing so, our clients are able to view live video streams from our modern facility, reliably and securely. These video transmissions promise to deliver the highest audio and video quality, available globally wherever you can connect to the Internet. Mediabarn adds FocusVision to its line of capabilities, which also include in-person qualitative research, focus group facility rentals, usability lab rentals, remote usability testing, eye tracking, and … Continue reading


Mediabarn is proud to announce that we’ll be partnering with UXPA and hosting a Happy Hour and tour of our Usability Lab, Focus Group suite and Studio during this year’s UXPA International conference here in Washington, DC this July. While enjoying cocktails and light hors d’oeurvres, attendees can tour our Usability Lab and Studio and schmooze with fellow UXPA’ers.  Register soon because seats are limited and will only accommodate the first 40 attendees that register. Transportation for the tour will be provided from the event. We are excited to show off our space while meeting fellow UXPA conference attendees! For more information … Continue reading