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Mediabarn has led the design, development, and collaboration of online educational products and websites since we opened our doors almost 10 years ago. So, naturally when Educational Media Creations Company (founders of the awesome children’s musical group, Silly Bus) decided it was time to bring their music and educational knowledge to the world of educational apps, it was a great fit. We were very excited to kick off a mobile project with Silly Bus! There was so much to consider, such as what age group to target and what games would be educationally compelling. In addition, we wanted to showcase the fun, educational … Continue reading

I’m actually pleased with the news that MS is pushing Internet Explorer 8 (IE 8) as an automatic update. Have you been using or testing your sites in IE 8 yet? If not, you need to be! The numbers aren’t that high yet, but I bet they will –thankfully– be increasing rapidly. Why thankfully? Well, mainly because IE 8 supports (almost) all of the CSS2.1 specification. For full details check out quirksmode’s CSS Compatibility Chart. This means, in theory, that a single set of CSS can be written and –drum roll please– it will render correctly in IE 8. Wait! … Continue reading

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