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Over the past few years there has been a significant increase in the federal government’s demand for human-centered design (HCD) services in conjunction with software development and delivery. Organizations like USDS and 18F, CIO’s from private industry, and HCD-savvy government employees have all advocated for a more human-centered design approach to serve the government’s constituents and employees.   The result of this growing advocacy is an increase in demand for human-centered design services. Currently, the primary means of procuring human-centered design is limited to a program/project level. As a general example, when an RFP is released for creating a new … Continue reading

PSU and Komen: Audience Alienation

   It has been fascinating over the past few months to watch the leadership of two iconic American organizations, with previously sterling reputations, seemingly degrade their brands to their core audiences.  I am talking about the Penn State University Board of Trustees and leadership of The Susan G. Komen for the Cure organization.  We all know why both of them have been in the news recently.  While they are very different circumstances, there seem to be some similarities between what they have done and how they have handled their respective situations.  In addition to these brands both having an extremely loyal … Continue reading