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Chopped: Mediabarn Edition

Our second Annual Cook-Off competition was a success! In continuing this tradition, we decided to keep things the same but opted out of the chili theme that was done last year (heartburn purposes). This time around, the ingredients were chosen at random from 4 different categories: Protein, Starch, Vegetable, and Random. The chefs had to work their magic with an interesting mix of chicken, potatoes, eggplant and apples. The 4 ingredients could be used in one dish, or they could be split up into two separate dishes. Needless to say, the race was close between all 6 chefs (because everybody … Continue reading

Mediabarn is so excited to announce that our client was chosen as a finalist at the SXSW Interactive Awards! We’re really proud to have partnered with them on this redesign. Winners announced March 15th. Crossing fingers!!