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With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication from George Mason University, Rachel holds a strong background of knowing the ins and outs of social media. She helps market and raise brand awareness of Mediabarn’s services through a variety of communication platforms, including but not limited to online blog posts and social media updates via Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. She continually works with the Mediabarn team in recruiting hard-to-find participants for various studies.

Rachel keeps up to date with the hottest trends in UX and design, consistently providing insightful information to Mediabarn’s followers. When she’s not brainstorming fabulous marketing ideas for Mediabarn with her colleagues, she’s studying to finish pursuing her M.A. in Communication at GMU. Her focus in Public Relations is the drive behind generating unique and innovative interactions.

Tips for Dealing with Office Conflict

As many of us know, the workplace can be a naturally stressful environment. Not only could your coworkers get on your last nerve, but pressure from work, stress at home, or just simple tension may lead to possible conflict in the work environment. “By understanding the issue and taking positive action, you can help solve the problem and make your office a place where you really want to be,” says Susan Lankton-Rivas, a practice leader at human resources consulting firm, Insight Performance Inc. Regardless of whom the conflict may be with, here are some tips to help effectively handle the … Continue reading


Mid-November can only mean one thing: the Holidays are rapidly approaching. With that comes feelings of happiness, joy, love, and self-giving, but it could also mean feeling a bit overwhelmed. If you’re like me, your calendar is typically full. Between working, getting to the gym, completing your chores and errands, and making time for friends and family, your brain may be on the brink of overload. Now throw in all of those holiday parties, dinners, travels, and shopping, and they can surely add a bump to your routine. Here are some tips on how to manage your time and remain … Continue reading

From focusing on Facebook status updates and tone, to using the right #hashtags and keeping your tweets under 140 characters, managing corporate social media can be challenging. There are many elements to keep in mind when strategizing your next update, but there’s a science to achieving higher engagement! All you need is some good content and proper planning. Consider these facts next time you’re posting something: Twitter: Schedule your tweets around lunchtime. The Twitterverse is especially buzzing Monday through Thursday while you’re grabbing a bite, but once Friday afternoon rolls around, people have checked out for the weekend. Want more engagement? Add an image or … Continue reading

With social media’s increasing impact on daily life and communication, staffing firms have taken to tools like hashtags on Twitter or specific filters and groups on LinkedIn to help better assist them with their recruitment strategy in uncovering the best possible candidates. Staffing firms, job seekers and employers are using these different platforms to connect and fill positions both internally and externally. In fact, many fortune 500 companies have recently developed and/or reinforced their hiring strategies to better focus on social media as a recruitment tool, and for good reason. In a recent survey from Spherion, 47 percent of Millennials now say a prospective employer’s online reputation matters as much … Continue reading

Work Hard, Play Hard

From understanding UX, to learning how to manage working in a fast-paced environment, I’ve gained tons of knowledge since beginning my journey at the ‘Barn (you can read how intimidated I was when I first started here). One thing I’m glad I didn’t have to deal with is getting caught up in the typical “daily grind” that a majority fall victim to here in the DC area. Many people get lost in their 9-5 business infused life, and in turn are left with stress and frustration. In a recent study performed by APA, about 50% of DC-area residents report having been … Continue reading

WANTED: Effective Job Postings

A few weeks ago, we discussed the importance of customizing a resume to fit each client. But what if you’re a client on the other end of the spectrum? There’s a lot more to putting up an excellent job posting than meets the eye. The web certainly makes things easier since resumes can be easily uploaded and shared, but it also leads to millions of resumes floating around cyberspace. In order to increase the quality of responses you receive and decrease the noise, we have put together these simple tips for you to follow: 1. Make it search friendly Think … Continue reading

Meet Sally Kelley: Mediabarn’s Newest Member

The ‘Barn is growing and would like to introduce the newest addition to our gang, Sally Kelley. Sally joins us as the Director of Client Services and Recruiting for Mediabarn Research with over 12 years of experience in project management and client services, and five years participant recruitment. Having worked at Martin Focus Group Services, as well as founding her own independent market research company, Focosity, LLC, Sally is marching in with an army of recruiters that hold over 24 years of individual experience in the market research industry. With her combined strength and knowledge of research and customer service, as … Continue reading

A Timeline of Mediabarn’s Holiday Cards

In honor of looking forward to Mediabarn’s upcoming 10 year anniversary, we’re taking a look back at the previous decade of holiday cards that we’ve created. Each winter season, Mediabarn enjoys getting into the festive spirit by sending our clients, friends, and family warm wishes through fun and creative cards. Some we spent more time on, while some fell victim to holiday mayhem and were left ’till the eleventh hour. Our snowman earned the title as the Mediabarn holiday mascot, although he took a year off (due to working overtime)! We put together a timeline of the good, the bad, and the … Continue reading

Chopped: Mediabarn Edition

Our second Annual Cook-Off competition was a success! In continuing this tradition, we decided to keep things the same but opted out of the chili theme that was done last year (heartburn purposes). This time around, the ingredients were chosen at random from 4 different categories: Protein, Starch, Vegetable, and Random. The chefs had to work their magic with an interesting mix of chicken, potatoes, eggplant and apples. The 4 ingredients could be used in one dish, or they could be split up into two separate dishes. Needless to say, the race was close between all 6 chefs (because everybody … Continue reading

Mediabarn is pleased to announce that our very own Heather Gay will be speaking at the UXPA DC Conference Redux! As our Director of Usability Research, she will be representing Mediabarn in a panel with other local UX’ers. The topic of the presentation is “Ignite – This is why my UX research method rocks!”  Heather will be defending the advantages of Focus Groups against her co-presenters who will cover methods such as structured testing, free-form testing, ethnography, and remote testing.  It’s sure to be a duel to the death (of a methodology); you won’t wanna miss it!  The battle starts … Continue reading