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Emily holds a background in public relations and marketing and is helping lead the charge with Mediabarn’s social media and outreach. Prior to Mediabarn, she held the position of Marketing Coordinator at a boutique marketing and advertising agency. Through her time at the agency, she learned how to effectively communicate important messages to the media, the public and client stakeholders across various platforms, as well as how to develop and execute impactful public relations and marketing plans for clients. Currently, Emily manages Mediabarn’s various social media accounts, including Twitter and LinkedIn. She works to create meaningful and engaging content that helps to position Mediabarn as the leading experts of user experience in the DC metro area. Emily is preparing to graduate from Penn State University in May 2016 with a Bachelor of the Arts in Communications and a minor in Business Administration. She resides in Hershey, Pennsylvania. When she is not tweeting or blogging she can be found drinking coffee and spending time with her canine companion, Parker.

  Every job has stressful elements that can seem uncontrollable, but one thing that you can control is how often you experience work-related stress and how you manage it by learning stress management techniques.    The following are some simple tips on how to better manage stress in the workplace:   Stay organized: eliminating daily stressors, like clutter, can help you to be able to perform more efficiently. Take a walk at lunch: sometimes getting up from your desk and taking a brief walk outdoors can help to clear your mind and help you to refocus on a project or … Continue reading

Usability Testing for College Start-Ups

College today is a vastly different world than the college life experienced ten, or even five years ago. The exciting thing about college nowadays is that students are fostering a sense of entrepreneurship from the get-go, which leads them to preparing business plans to launch a startup or product immediately post-graduation. Currently, some college students are even launching startups while balancing a full-course load. We think that this amazing, but we want these rising entrepreneurs to remember one important step when considering launching a startup or product, and that step is usability testing.   Designing and developing a product can … Continue reading

Finding Time for Social Media

  With competing client deadlines, meetings and internal projects, we know some days it can be difficult to find time to post to social media. However, we understand how important social media is, which is why we strive to maintain a schedule so we can ensure that our accounts are up-to-date. We know it can be easy to let work take over, which can lead to neglecting social media, but we also know that social media is one of the easiest – and least expensive – ways to engage your customers and market your company.   Social media is an … Continue reading

Recently, Twitter has been catching headlines when they announced that the beloved social networking site’s algorithm could be changing. Most Twitter users are accustomed to the traditional news feed that displays posts by time, with the timeline going in reverse, chronological order.   In January, Twitter introduced the “while you were away” feature that shows a recap of tweets that have been posted in the time period since the user last logged in to Twitter. The proposed new algorithm will be based off of this feature, combining relevancy and time in a ‘catch-up’ feed. The posts displayed in this ‘catch-up’ … Continue reading