Recently, Twitter has been catching headlines when they announced that the beloved social networking site’s algorithm could be changing. Most Twitter users are accustomed to the traditional news feed that displays posts by time, with the timeline going in reverse, chronological order.


In January, Twitter introduced the “while you were away” feature that shows a recap of tweets that have been posted in the time period since the user last logged in to Twitter. The proposed new algorithm will be based off of this feature, combining relevancy and time in a ‘catch-up’ feed. The posts displayed in this ‘catch-up’ feed will be tailored towards the specific interests of each Twitter user.


This proposed algorithm prioritizes the best content, which will challenge marketers to create exceptional content that leads to meaningful engagement. This algorithm levels the playing field on Twitter because content that has grown great organic visibility will have the same chance of being seen by users as paid content does.


One of the largest arguments against this new algorithm is that it takes away the integrity of the social networking site. Twitter originated as a live site that allowed users to post and interact in real-time, leading some to believe that the new algorithm will disrupt this.


Either way, Twitter has not yet made a firm decision on whether or not the algorithm will reformulate all Twitter timelines, or if it will be offered as an option for users.


We suggest that your company takes a second look at your tweets before they are posted. No longer is it about the quantity of tweets being posted, but rather the quality. Be sure to choose your words even more wisely than before! 


For more information about Twitter’s proposed algorithm, check out this article from AdAge.  

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