After co-sponsoring a successful kickoff event at the Artisphere, we are extremely proud to be involved with such a great organization, GoodGovUX. If you weren’t able to make the conference, here is a quick set of talking points that we found insightful:

GoodGovUX_v1– The Mission of GoodGovUX: To drive the adoption of a common set of UX best practices within the government and government contracting communities.

– The term “UX” is defined in many ways, but more commonly:

  • “UX is not on the screen. UX is in the mind.”
  • “It’s pervasive. It’s in everything we do, not just on computers and smartphones.”
  • “UX is not a diet pill – it takes progressive change.”

– Opening marks were provided by Keith Deaven of Mediabarn and Martha Dorris, representing ACT-IAC

– Keynote speaker, Dana Chisnell, co-founder at the Center for Civic design, talked about the next generation of civic designers and the importance of good UX within the government. “Design is a beacon that can pull government to the here and now…With our help, everyone who works in gov will be the next wave of civic designers, driving the next enlightenment.”

– There was an excellent panel of UX’ers:

They discussed and provided insights and suggestions on all things government UX, including topics like:

  • What the quickest ways to improve digital products and UX are
  • How to measure successful UX
  • How to convince stakeholders that the launch is just the beginning

It’s safe to say that this was a great event filled with outstanding discussion. We’re looking forward to continuing the conversation. To stay updated on future events, follow @GoodGovUX or sign up to participate at

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