From understanding UX, to learning how to manage working in a fast-paced environment, I’ve gained tons of knowledge since beginning my journey at the ‘Barn (you can read how intimidated I was when I first started here). One thing I’m glad I didn’t have to deal with is getting caught up in the typical “daily grind” that a majority fall victim to here in the DC area.

Many people get lost in their 9-5 business infused life, and in turn are left with stress and frustration. In a recent study performed by APA, about 50% of DC-area residents report having been irritable or angry at least once in the past month due to stress, and 61% of workers reported that heavy workloads have a significant impact on work stress levels. Fortunately, Mediabarn’s mission statement doesn’t include the words “stress” or “frustration”. That’s not to say we don’t get stressed from time to time, but we try and do things to help offset it while here at work.

We all enjoy spending time at the ‘Barn, and it’s a given because we are passionate about what we do. And when you combine that with a little bit of fun, we avoid being part of such a large negative stress statistic. “There is good evidence that if you allow employees to engage in something they want to do, (which) is playful, there are better outcomes in terms of productivity and motivation” says Dr. Stuart Brown, founder of the National Institute for Play. Plus, according to Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO (a global design company), people are willing to take more creative risks in an office where they have the security and comfort to play and not be judged. We’ve found that whether it’s taking a mid-day break to check out the new ice cream shop around the block, or spending the day kayaking on the Potomac River, Mediabarn’s spirited environment keeps our Monday mornings sunny year-round.

MBTeamIf you’re looking to brighten
things up around your office, here are some of the ‘Barn’s favorite
team building activities that you may want to consider to keep employees happy, healthy and productive. Take it from this ‘Barn-ette, it makes a difference!

  • Museums
  • Golf Outing
  • Bowling
  • Baseball games
  • Amusement parks
  • Food cookoffs
  • Happy hours
  • Concerts
  • Monuments


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