Mid-November can only mean one thing: the Holidays are rapidly approaching. With that comes feelings of happiness, joy, love, and self-giving, but it could also mean feeling a bit overwhelmed.

If you’re like me, your calendar is typically full. Between working, getting to the gym, completing your chores and errands, and making time for friends and family, your brain may be on the brink of overload. Now throw in all of those holiday parties, dinners, travels, and shopping, and they can surely add a bump to your routine.


Here are some tips on how to manage your time and remain productive at work during the hustle and bustle of the season:

Organize: Organization is key. Come up with a to-do list in order to manage your thoughts and tasks, as this will help you mentally prepare and stay productive. “The psychological relief of clearing your mental clutter and then removing some burdens is immense. It makes your holidays more joyful and energizes you to accomplish your front burner tasks,” says The Productivity Coach, Casey Moore. You can also check out Real Simple for a great list of apps that can act as your own personal assistant and help simplify your life (even year round).

Plan ahead: “If you know the week before Christmas is especially busy on the personal front with school concerts, visiting relatives or even charity work you may be involved with, anticipate and communicate this early,” suggests international business speaker, Michael Kerr. Plan your calendar accordingly so that you won’t end up working overtime. And be sure to sync your calendars to the various devices you use to stay on track!

Separate work and play: It can often times be difficult (for some of us more than others) to remain focused on just work. At the office, don’t pick up the habit of online shopping or trying to cram buying all of your gifts during your break. Avoiding multitasking will help you excel in your work-related tasks, as well as helping keep you sane.

Exercise: If there’s one thing you shouldn’t compromise, it’s your health! Exercising will help keep your energy levels up and keep you on track both physically and mentally. Even taking that extra walk during your lunch break can help boost your productivity at work. Plus, you won’t feel too guilty when having an extra holiday treat or two!

Effectively dividing your time and finding the balance between work and play is important so that you don’t burn out or fall off track. Stay organized and keep your momentum up during this season, and you’ll find that you can start your new year off on the right foot!

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