You may have noticed that many of your friends and family who are local to the DC area, are back in business and working again. That’s because the local job market is back on track! With unemployment rates continuing to drop across our region, companies are once again looking to staffing agencies for help. We’re currently seeing 2 year lows across the entire Washington metropolitan area – in fact, 21 of the 22 counties in the area/region have lower unemployment rates in March 2014 compared to March 2012.

The lowest area happens to be right in our neck of the woods – Arlington, followed by Falls Church City at 3.5% (and Alexandria not far behind).

With these numbers, companies are scrambling to find top talent and the demand for staffing agencies is on the rise.  In a recent report by the American Staffing Association (ASA), staffing employment is continuing on an upward trend. Temporary staffing has risen 8.5% and has grown by 224,000 over the past year. Agencies are primed for such conditions and are able to quickly help augment recruiting depts. They can assist in a number of ways, not only with recruiting and helping source great talent quickly (if internal depts are maxxed out and/or passively recruiting), but they are also actively uncovering those job seekers who are secretly searching for new and exciting opportunities.

If you’re experiencing a drought with talent and need to immediately fill some of your current openings, contact one of our staffing specialists to see how we can help. We may have already found who you’re looking for!

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Mauro joined us in 2004 bringing with him over six years of creative staffing, recruitment and account management experience – as well as an impressive network of contacts. A former freelance designer and developer himself, he has seen both sides of the coin, instilling him with an equal understanding and…
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