From focusing on Facebook status updates and tone, to using the right #hashtags and keeping your tweets under 140 characters, managing corporate social media can be challenging. There are many elements to keep in mind when strategizing your next update, but there’s a science to achieving higher engagement! All you need is some good content and proper planning.


Consider these facts next time you’re posting something:

Twitter: Schedule your tweets around lunchtime. The Twitterverse is especially buzzing Monday through Thursday while you’re grabbing a bite, but once Friday afternoon rolls around, people have checked out for the weekend. Want more engagement? Add an image or video and you’re guaranteed to boost your numbers.

Facebook: Now’s your chance to use your audience’s mid-afternoon slump to your advantage. Since many people are getting back to their desks around this time, it’s likely they’re checking their Facebook too. According to Entrepreneur, the highest average click through rate is from 1pm to 4pm. Avoid posting on the weekends and between 8pm to 8am, as people are typically caught up with other things.

LinkedIn: We’re always stressing the importance of making connections on social media sites such as LinkedIn, but what good will that do if no-one is there to read it? Share your updates midweek around noon and 5pm in order to utilize it as an effective engagement tool.

Most importantly, ensure that your content is relevant, meaningful, and interesting – that’s when engagement increases. You could have mastered the science behind when users are likely to see what you’ve shared, but at the end of the day, content matters. Combine your quality content with appropriate scheduling, and your marketing efforts are sure to skyrocket.

Rachel Joubran

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