A few weeks ago, we discussed the importance of customizing a resume to fit each client. But what if you’re a client on the other end of the spectrum? There’s a lot more to putting up an excellent job posting than meets the eye.

The web certainly makes things easier since resumes can be easily uploaded and shared, but it also leads to millions of resumes floating around cyberspace. In order to increase the quality of responses you receive and decrease the noise, we have put together these simple tips for you to follow:

1. Make it search friendly
Think like a job seeker! You may consider going onto the site where you plan on listing the job and do a search as if you were a candidate. This will allow you to find common keywords that you want to use to get the best visibility from your posting. Use terms in the job posting that will be consistent with the terms that potential hires are using to search with. If you keep the job title, description, and skills relevant, the posting is more likely to show up high on the results page of a search. If the position is for a UX Designer, you may want to use both “UX” in the title and job description as well as other common synonyms for this (User Experience, UI, etc.).

2. Quality over quantity
While you may think it’s important to list everything about the job description, you’re better off sticking to what’s relevant so that you don’t have candidates drop off. Begin the posting with a short overview of the position and add a few details about what the job entails. Essentially, this should be a snapshot of the job. Add specific, preferred qualifications, including listing the ones that are non-negotiable, and wrap it up with a creative call to action.

3. Don’t forget, it’s an ad
You should consider the job posting similar to an advertisement. Your intentions are to market this position and your company – and the better the ad, the better the people. Think of the factors behind a successful ad: they’re aesthetically pleasing, interesting, and effective with the major selling points clearly presented.

In order to remain successful in your recruitment efforts, you should create job postings that are compelling, straightforward and easy to understand. In doing so, you can increase your chances of eliminating the cyberjunk and finding the right candidate quickly.

We’d love to hear if anyone has other tips or ideas on how to improve user engagement and uncover the best candidates. Please feel free to leave some insight!

Rachel Joubran

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