As many of you may already know from some of my prior posts and tweets, I am fortunate enough this year to serve as co-chair for the UXPA 2014 International Conference taking place in London. Aside from practicing my British accent, it has been a whirlwind of planning, meeting and working with some of the most talented people in the UX industry.

Have you ever been to a conference focused on your industry or field of work? Before I started volunteering with the UXPA conference committee years ago, I always assumed there were “people” who just made these events happen. I didn’t think of how many people, how much money or how much time and effort it took. All I knew is that I was attending, and if I didn’t like the session/food/location I would let “them” know. Talk about being naïve! I can’t speak to how every conference is created, but I absolutely underestimated the effort that goes into planning this conference and just how many volunteers are needed – and appreciated – during the process.

UXPA counts on volunteers to help review submissions, get students involved, coordinate events, find speakers, and develop marketing plans. The works! It truly takes a village. Collaboration and teamwork is key, as is patience. The first two are easy; the third is a work in progress for me.

So how is it going, you ask? It’s quite the ride! The program is almost done (it’s amazing), the keynotes are locked in (awesome and inspiring) and we are putting the final touches on all the extracurricular “fun” things you find so often at good conferences. Oh, and did I mention a new website is being built to support this year’s event? So there’s that, too.

I hope you’re planning to attend – London awaits you! Learn more about the conference here and stay tuned when I announce the NEW website and registration opening very soon. I look forward to seeing you across the pond.

Now, back to the planning…

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