Mediabarn tends to do quite a bit of research in our lab. Whether its usability testing for a new website, conducting a focus group on a product, or testing a mobile app prototype, we’ve done it all and have our thoughts on what we like best. We’ve compiled a list of our top 3 reasons why we enjoy research, giving you plenty of reasons to like it as much as we do.

1. They’re fun. 

Here at Mediabarn, we make sure to provide a friendly and comfortable environment, which we find creates a nice atmosphere for both our clients and participants. Whether or not being part of any research is a new experience, it relatively is a fun one for all members. And to keep it fun, we enjoy providing fresh cookies, cold drinks, and plenty of snacks – because who doesn’t dig a little pick-me-up? Clients also find the focus groups to be pleasing, mentioning how thought-provoking it was and pointing out that they learned a lot. We’ve even added extra insulation in our observation rooms because of the amount of laughter and chatter that goes on! At the end of the day, everybody leaves happy. Participants regularly walk out of the session laughing and talking about how interesting and enjoyable it was!

2. You get a new perspective.

Most clients come into Mediabarn having a good sense of where their product is going to succeed and where it’s going to fail. More often than not though, participants can point out something from left field and it can lead to good findings. These points are gems and serve as a great advantage for having research done. There are always unexpected findings and new things to be learned. Typically, designers get up-close-and-personal with their product, and it may be a challenge to look at the big picture from outside their bubble. Participants are able to provide a new perspective and give great feedback, validating ideas that the client has provided.

3. It’s time well spent.

A common concern is that researching will take out so much time in the client’s day. Although the sessions may run for a day or two, rest assured you’ll be getting your time’s worth. Our observation rooms act as arenas where you can strengthen your product team and make sure to get everyone on the same page. Meetings can be conducted before, during, or after the focus group is in session, ensuring that you can make valuable use of the time spent with your colleagues.

Regardless of the specific type of research method you’re interested in, the benefits of participant feedback lead to a great investment for your company or organization. Everybody walks out having learned something new!

Jason Pentecost

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As Principal and Co-Founder of Mediabarn, clients and associates rely heavily on Jason for his breadth of interactive experience and his keen perception of where the industry is heading. He works closely with our key clients and is never too far from anything that goes on at the ‘barn. Jason…
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