We just returned from attending Carnegie Mellon’s Design Confluence in Pittsburgh. We had a wonderful time touring the studios and meeting with a range of students from freshman to senior year. We were thoroughly impressed w/ the caliber of students, types of projects and range in the UX curriculum. We were also taken back by how engaging and outgoing the students were. They had no problem approaching us to start up a conversation to discuss trends in UX, research, or the types of mobile projects we’re seeing. They were sharp, personable, knowledgeable and most importantly, passionate about UX! We’re hopeful to get one of these gems added to the MB team soon!

Mauro Scappa

About Mauro Scappa

Mauro joined us in 2004 bringing with him over six years of creative staffing, recruitment and account management experience – as well as an impressive network of contacts. A former freelance designer and developer himself, he has seen both sides of the coin, instilling him with an equal understanding and…
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