In honor of looking forward to Mediabarn’s upcoming 10 year anniversary, we’re taking a look back at the previous decade of holiday cards that we’ve created. Each winter season, Mediabarn enjoys getting into the festive spirit by sending our clients, friends, and family warm wishes through fun and creative cards. Some we spent more time on, while some fell victim to holiday mayhem and were left ’till the eleventh hour. Our snowman earned the title as the Mediabarn holiday mascot, although he took a year off (due to working overtime)! We put together a timeline of the good, the bad, and the ugly, with some quick facts about each card for you to check out & enjoy:

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2004 – Jason turned the office upside down & finally found it
Our first company holiday card / Paper card

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2005 – Didn’t you wonder what the MB gang would look like as caricatures?
Paper card / Done by Shad


2006: For this year, we tied our paper cards to our e-cards! Our snowman loses his hat…


2006: …and in order to discover how he got it back, you had to view our e-card!


2006: Click on the image to see it yourselves!
We lost the MB banner (oops) / Flash / Done by Shad & Sunny


2007: First year of only e-cards / Go green
We planted 500 trees!
Done by Sara, Andy & Kress


2008: Can you believe this was created in less than a week?
Still managed to shake things up! / Done by Kress & Shad


2009: A chest full of gift ideas / Only year that our snowman took a “break”
Done by Andy, Jason & Mauro


2010: Our snowman is back in biz
Again, proof that we work well under a time crunch / Done by Andy


2011: MB has a new location!
Find the key & unlock the door to get into our new barn
Done by Sara & Andy


2012: Goodbye Flash Player / Hello Cool Snow Effect (aka HTML5)
Done by Sara, Sarah & Andy


2013: Our snowman got a makeover / Done by Andy & Sara

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