UX Lab. Digital Studio. Creative Placements….Can you repeat that please?  Considering I came from a background of working at a printing company, all these terms might as well be Greek to me.

Having recently been hired as Mediabarn’s Communications Associate, I was both excited and anxious – to say the least. I could finally utilize my “fabulous” social marketing skills and watch them come to life with this new opportunity. Don’t get me wrong, like any professional job seeker, I did my homework before coming in for an interview and studied even more after I was fortunate enough to get hired. I even got a nice, thick textbook (from Jason, the co-founder) to read up on usability testing. Because who doesn’t like more homework, right?

After a few weeks of being here, I can finally define these terms…but they aren’t the typical definitions you’d find in your dictionary. So, what does a digital studio, ux lab, and creative placement agency do anyway? For starters, they’re far more than just services and facilities. They exist in an interesting jumbled mix of people and ideas that work together in order to help develop tangible results for their clients. It really is stunning seeing how lively the studio and lab become when all these strategies are implemented. Observing from behind my desk, I realized an important trait that carries throughout everything Mediabarn does: everyone wholeheartedly cares. That, combined with their passion and generosity, is what I believe characterizes them.

As the saying goes, “work hard, play harder.” Lucky for me, everyone in the office is extremely friendly, not to mention hilarious. I must admit their humor is probably the reason behind me not getting fired the first day on the job. I accidentally printed 250 copies, when I was told to print 25. You can imagine how that went. Let’s just say this was a “hands-on” learning experience on laughter being the best medicine. I doubt I’ll ever be able to live that one down…

Now hopefully I’ve kept your attention long enough and reached the point I’ve been trying to make as the new social media guru. Go follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook, Add us on LinkedIn. See for yourselves that by doing so, you really will learn something new everyday. And who knows, you might just learn some Greek.

Rachel Joubran

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With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication from George Mason University, Rachel holds a strong background of knowing the ins and outs of social media. She helps market and raise brand awareness of Mediabarn’s services through a variety of communication platforms, including but not limited to online blog posts…
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