SXSW 2011 wraps up, as expected we had a great time hooking up with some of our vendors, partners and talent. We attended a wide array of discussions and panels ranging from design to leadership to games and entertainment.

As in past years, most of the sessions were insightful and passionately presented. We are looking forward to incorporating some of the design methodologies being batted around at the conference. Our experience is that many of these “new” processes are just repackaged traditional approaches. However, we love that so many people are energized around making product development and design process streamlined and meaningful, especially around usability testing and quantitative research.

As many of our employees and colleagues know, Greg and Keith are in a band, ETHER, and are extending the trip, they have 2 or 3 gigs to play. Good luck guys!

Jason Pentecost

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As Principal and Co-Founder of Mediabarn, clients and associates rely heavily on Jason for his breadth of interactive experience and his keen perception of where the industry is heading. He works closely with our key clients and is never too far from anything that goes on at the ‘barn. Jason…
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