Cover of magazineWe here at Mediabarn are excited to announce that Heather Nam, our Director of Usability Research, has published an article in UPA’s User Experience Magazine. The article, called “Usability Script and Moderator’s Guide: 2 Tools or 1? Communicating with Study Respondents,” focuses on how a usability script can be used as a key communication tool that guides both moderator and respondent through the conversation that takes place during a usability test. Included is a discussion of situations in which using scripted language isn’t feasible, along with the importance of maintaining a balance between being rigid and being flexible. UPA members can access the full text of the article here.

Jason Pentecost

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As Principal and Co-Founder of Mediabarn, clients and associates rely heavily on Jason for his breadth of interactive experience and his keen perception of where the industry is heading. He works closely with our key clients and is never too far from anything that goes on at the ‘barn. Jason…
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