As millions of children prepare to head back to school this fall, Mediabarn had the opportunity to talk with several elementary school teachers to find out how they prepare for the beginning of the school year.

Since we talked primarily with teachers of Kindergarten through third grade, the top priority for them is bringing students up to speed on classroom routines, rules, policies, and procedures.  Many kids in this age range are still learning about the structure of being in a classroom environment.

The social aspect of being in school is also high on the list for classroom teachers.  Getting to know each other, setting expectations, learning to walk in a line, working as a team, making everyone feel comfortable, and knowing what motivates a particular group of students are all areas of focus for teachers the first few weeks of school.

At Mediabarn, we’re always interested in the use of technology, so we were also curious to know when classroom teachers introduce technology and computer use to students as part of their regular routines.   Given the need to establish ground rules, develop social interactions, and assess academic skills, going to the computer lab or incorporating the computer into learning centers usually takes most teachers a few weeks.   Even then, computer use is often not a daily activity for most students at the early elementary level.

We’d like to thank the teachers who participated in our Back-to-School study, and wish all students and teachers a happy start to the new school year!

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