Why do **photo** paper manufactures keep putting out old letterhead sizes like 8.5×11 sizes when all photo FRAMES are 8×10 and have been like FOREVER? Even my newly purchased Kodak super mega mirror finish super gloss HD paper i purchased was 8.5×11, i had no idea until i carefully cropped and printed an 8×10 digital photo and there was white blocks where i expected ink to be.

So Frame makers when are you going to realize that all cameras and paper manufacturers are at 8.5×11 ratios and sizes? When am i going to see 8.5×11 frames at target? Here is something else that is nuts…even Kodak Gallery .com only offers 8×10 enlargements but their own premium paper is 8.5×11??? Yikes.

There is lots of cropping and trimming going on. I bet at home craft trimmers sales have gone through the roof.

Come on! This one is easy…someone just make the switch! I vote for 8×10, although 8.5×11 is closer to 16×9…maybe we just need a widescreen paper size, so our photo screensavers on our TVs and Computer LCD screens will not be stretched. My mom will thank you for not making her look 30% wider.

Jason Pentecost

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